Nighthawk Mongoose by Korth


.357 Magnum / 9mm

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Behold! The Python killer! Meet the finest made revolver on earth. Made in Germany, Korth revolvers are artistry, and engineering perfectly melded together. Made from the fines billet materials. 4140 billet steel frame, and 4340 billet steel barrel, and cylinder. Barrel is tension sleeved for accuracy. Trigger is fully adjustable, and so silky smooth that it makes a Python look crude by comparison. Cylinder, and crane can be removed with just the push of a button, which is handy because this one not only comes with the standard .357 magnum cylinder, but also the no moon clips needed 9mm cylinder. Two sublime revolvers in one!! Features a 6 inch barrel, with solid gold bead front sight, and adjustable rear. Comes in a Pelican case from the factory, with tools, and owners manual.